Sunday, January 4, 2015

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - EXIF Date Data Debunked

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - EXIF Date Data Debunked
Sandy Hook Hoax - EXIF Date Data Debunked
QK Ultra Debunked

This video debunks the Hoaxer claims that Newtown Bee's EXIF Data is evidence of pre-planning and hoax.

In "We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook", Conspiracy Theorist "QK Ultra"  downloaded a Newtown Bee video created and uploaded to Youtube on December 14, 2012 and discovered that the EXIF Data showed a creation date of December 13, 2012.

Without doing any further fact checking or investigation, Hoaxers have declared this a marquee piece of the "evidence."

When subjected to fact checking, the Hoaxer claim that the EXIF data of videos downloaded off of youtube did not stand up to close scrutiny; as is the case with every Hoaxer Claim.

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook is debunked, again.


Anonymous said...

what happened to your youtube channel?

C W Wade said...

My channel thrives. Thanks for asking!

Scott Anthony said...

Where is the "debunking" part of this article? Not trying to be snide... I just don't see where the EXIF is actually "debunked." It was my understanding that the EXIF was confirmed as 12/13/2012. Can you add to the article how this was declared as false? Thanks... -SA

C W Wade said...

It's a Video