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Robert Ussery Side Thorn Felony Arrest by the Feds - Details and Documents

Robert Ussery's arrest details are beginning to emerge
 and Sandy Hook Facts has the exclusive details.

Plans to shoot bikers!  - Side Thorn hates bikers believing they helped stage and cover up the 2015 Waco biker shoot out at Twin Peaks restaurant. 
 Enraged after a confrontation, he wanted to start shooting!

Carried his pistol while conducting interviews
 that he was not allowed to carry guns because he's a felon! - World's Dumbest Criminal?

Hoaxer Hoaxed! Lured out of his home with a Hoax by the Texas Rangers who told him they were investigating Ussery's complaint about Sutherland Springs residents! - Doh!

Public Defender appointed!
Where oh where is that silver stacked, Mr. 100K award?

Photo Credit: Photo: William Luther /San Antonio Express-News

Armed Hoaxer confronts victims
As exclusively reported by Sandy Hook Facts, when Robert Ussery confronted the Sutherland Springs Pastor, he was armed and ready to kill!

Current Status of the Case
Charges have been filed. The unsealed indictment charges Robert Ussery with "felon in possession of a firearm".  10 Years in prison and $250,000 fine!  He has a bail hearing on Tuesday, May 29 at 10:00 am.  Sources close to the case say they doubt this dangerous man will be released.

Holding Order

The Arrest - The hoaxer was hoaxed!
Exclusive Details you won't find anywhere else
I have always contended that Hoaxers were among the most gullible people. All you need to do to trick them is feed into their fantasy, no matter how ridiculous, and they will fall for it every time!  Exhibit A: Robert Ussery's arrest.  Here are the details of the arrest, as provided by a source close to the investigation along with my own commentary.

  The arrest occurred at the Caldwell County Courthouse in Lockhart, TX. Robet Ussery is a resident of Lockhart, Texas where he apparently resides in a dilapidated barn, sharing the land with another resident in a trailer.
  Robert Ussery was contacted by the Texas Rangers and told him they wanted to talk with him, along with the District Attorney (DA) about a case he had pending against some residents of Sutherland Springs.   Ussery has published videos of him making complaints to the FBI and Caldwell County Sheriff, essentially complaining that when he was harassing families of shooting victims, they would become enraged and threaten him.  It's quite amusing Ussery thought the police were actually investigating that nonsense.  Here is a screen shot from the video of him "reporting Sutherland Springs". 

Ussery went to the Court House believing he would be talking with the DA about the pending case. While that was going on, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) executed a search warrant on Side Thorn's residence.  He was discovered to be in possession of firearms.
A mobile home that sits along the road does not belong to Side Thorn, someone else lives there, Side Thorn lives in the tan barn behind the mobile home.

The Investigation - via affidavit
The affidavit for the federal arrest warrant was made possible by Ussery himself.  Ussery made many videos using his GoPro.  He was wearing the Go Pro when Vice Interview him, as seen below. When he was arrested, the camera was seized. A search warrant allowed the police to view the footage and Ussery admitted he has a firearm in his truck.

Please note he also admitted he had stickers on his pickup. Why would a man pretending to offer a $100,000 reward not pay his fees?  

   Here is the conversation:

The affidavit also reads:

Most of us have seen the highly edited video Ussery published of his confrontation with bikers. It appears, according to the Federal affidavit, the Ussery had plans to kill them.  The video was titled "When Bikers attack".  I'm not sure if it's still available in the public realm and Side Thorn often publishes videos and then hides them. 

Here is a screen shot:

After his arrest, Side Thorn was interviewed on Rover's Morning Glory where he admitted he was not allowed to possess firearms. The interview is here

The feds saw it and he incriminated himself further!  From the affadavit:

Public Defender appointed
Side Thorn loves to claim he has quite a bit of money.  At this time, he has been appointed a public defender; typically reserved for those who cannot afford an attorney  SandyHookFacts is aware that Side Thorn's followers are looking for a "nonfreemason" attorney to retain.

The full pdf documents can be downloaded here:

Full document Images:

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Richard Gutjahr interviews Lenny Pozner

"Online conspiracy theories began to get darker. Now they were starting to focus their attention on people who who were visable after a tragedy. People who were in the news.  People whose names were recognizable after a mass shooting. They started to dig into the lives of those people and research them online and track them down and start making blogs and videos with hate content". - Lenny Pozner

Lenny Pozner in a podcast, interviewed by Richard Gutjahr. If you are a reader of this blog, you know who Lenny is; however you may not know Gutjarh.   Richard Gutjahr is no stranger to conspiracy theory himself. He and his daughter became a target the hoaxers after the terrorist attacks in Nice and Munich. You can watch him explain  here:

In the podcast, Lenny goes on to explain how he initially reached out to the conspiracy theorists to try to help them understand that event. He also released his son's Death Certificate, Birth Certificate, Report Cards, "basically his whole life documented".

He soon realized hoaxers were not interested in facts.

This interview is full of great quotes and is very informative.  It's a look into conspiracy theory from two who were re-victimized by online hate-theorists after tragedy

How to Fight Conspiracy Theories - Richard Gutjahr and Lenny Pozner