Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nancy Lanza and the Red Sox Last Supper

On the lighter side of investigating...

It is well known that Nancy Lanza, mother of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter, was an avid Boston Red Sox Fan.  In fact, she and Peter Lanza shared season tickets to the Red Sox;  the division of said tickets were one of the few things spelled out in their Divorce Settlement Agreement.
Peter Lanza and Nancy Lanza Divorce

Throughout the house was memorabilia for the Red Sox. One piece caught my eye is in this photo. What do you see?

You'll note Red Sox Team photo on the left...
on the right side...

That is a fairly rare print called "Red Sox Last Supper", printed after the 2004 World Series and likely purchased by only the most rabid of Red Sox fans.  This piece was discussed in at least one blog  article, declaring it sacrilegious. is offline, so we go to the Wayback Machine

The original listing is that piece is a 1 of 500 Giclee print:

Share in the celebration with this limited edition 40" x 20" Giclee Canvas Print! Hang it in your TV room, or order one for your sports bar! This print will last over 100 years and will go down in history as one of the best pieces of memorabilia to come from the biggest win in red sox history. Only 500 have been printed! Get yours now.
 $299.00 US
40"x20" Stretched Giclee Canvas Print
NOW $199.99

Nothing ground breaking here. I was detracted by a "shiny object" while perusing photos and thought I would share it.  I cannot find the item for sale so it is difficult to ascertain present value. Despite the obvious rarity, I would guess... not much.  

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TheGovernmentRag said...

Great find! I have suspected professional sports in these FF shootings for several years!
Stephanie Sledge
The Government Rag