Monday, September 26, 2016

German Press Discusses Sandy Hook and the victims of crime grief trolled by Hoaxers

Grief trolls we all know as Sandy Hook Hoaxers are beginning to receive international condemnation.

One of the largest newspapers in Germany, Süddeutsche Zeitung, with 1.1 million daily readers, has published an article discussing Lenny Pozner and his plight to protect the dignity and name of his murdered son.  The article also shines light on the Sandy Hook hoaxers.

The article is in German, which presents some difficulty; however, for those interested, the article  is published online here:

The site requires a subscription, so you can view a pdf of the article here:

Roughly translated, the title means "Noah's life no more".

  German speaking Youtuber Surfpurzel provided commentary and insight and some translation here:

Surpurzel's presentation
"This article is not just [about] the attack. It's more about the the grief of Lenny Pozner and what hoaxtards did to him over the years".  She continues that this type of article is rare and most Germans are not aware that "there are trolls that go after grieving parents".

She explains how Lenny had "had enough of [hoaxer] lies" and uploaded 100 photos of Noah to his Google feed.

The article explains about the daily attacks and death threats he receives.

"Die Hoaxer"
The German term for the hoaxer has a ring to it!  "Die Hoaxer" is what Germany calls The Hoaxer.

It is not without some irony that the first hoaxer to be lambasted for their hoaxer grief trolling in German press was the German born hoaxer, Wolfgang Halbig.

The article introduces Halbig to his home country with a paragraph that translates:

Pozner believed at first that he could convince the conspiracy theoreticians. [He] tried it with official documents and photos.  He attempted to contact a person , who doubts particularly loud – Wolfgang Halbig, 70 years old, Germany born. Pozner wrote an email with the request for a discussion.
Halbig had gone before the local education committee in Newtown. He had 16 questions [and only] if these are satisfyingly answered, was he ready it to recognize the official version of the story.
One of Halbigs questions read "Why parents of those two children who died in the hospital, have refused to donate their organs?"
To the email of Lenny Pozner, Halbig answered:  "Wolfgang does not want to speak with you, it is, you exhumes the body of Noah and proves to the world that you lost your son.

How disgusting can Halbig be? Really.  I'm very glad to see the German news source for 1.1 million Germans disgusted by this man and exposing him for what he is.

For your bemusement, if you  want to hear Wolfgang speak German (and get a good laugh at his fail), it's posted the video "Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook Hoax"

The video is filled with information exposing Wolfgang Halbig's hoax upon his followers.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Retraction Issued by Sandy Hook Facts: ZeeRoe3 Impersonation of Jonathan Reich

Retraction is hereby issued by Sandy Hook Facts for statements or actions attributed to Jonathan Reich when those claims were made by ZeeRoe3, who was intentionally impersonating Jonathan Reich.

ZeeRoe3 Impersonates Jonathan Reich

Sandy Hook Facts is currently issuing retractions in certain articles whereby it was suggested ZeeRoe3 was or might be Jonathan Reich and attributing acts and deeds of ZeeRoe3 to Jonathan Reich.  

ZeeRoe3 is co-host to Sandy Hook Justice Report and members of that organization purport themselves to be a friends of Jonathan Reich. A central theme of the Sandy Hook Justice organization is helping Jonathan Reich.

Within the past year "the real" Jonathan Reich has been making more and more public appearances, appearing on John Wells' international radio show, "Caravan to Midnight Episode 374", alongside Wolfgang Halbig and even thanked Wolfgang for his "help" during that show.  Jonathan Reich also appeared with Hoax Group Members on the show "Sandy Hook CAPSTONE Drills Fully Explained!"  published 1-14-15.    Several Jonathan Reich fundraisers have also been widely publicized by hoaxers.

Two "real" Reich public appearances can be viewed here:

Jonathan Reich's case is trumpeted on Sandy Hook Justice websites; in fact, entire hoaxer websites and articles are dedicated to him such as "".   Wolfgang Halbig has used the Jonathan Reich case fundraise for years in countless emails, radio, and video appearances.  Jonathan Reich's case is mentioned in every Sandy Hook Justice Report published.

In fact, when Wolfgang Halbig wrote the NAACP falsely (and disgustingly) claiming to have been the driver for Martin Luther King, Jr., the subject of the email itself was Jonathan Reich.

Sandy Hook Justice Co-Host Busted
When ZeeRoe3 impersonated Reich, the information was often taken as credible and reasonably assumed to be accurate and from Reich himself, especially since ZeeRoe3 would bolster his claims presenting documents that he could only have come from Reich himself.  

ZeeRoe3 has admitted to impersonating Jonathan Reich. Additionally, it has been conclusively proven ZeeRoe3 is in fact not Jonathan Reich.  ZeeRoe3 admits he specifically targeted Sandy Hook Facts to impersonate Jonathan Reich and admits he did so it cause "defamation" and therefore his acts to publicly defame Reich and harm Reich were malicious.

Additionally, several other Youtube users have published videos and comments about ZeeRoe3 impersonating Reich; therefore the impersonation was wide spread.

Now, you would think Wolfgang Halbig would not appreciate these illegal deeds done on his behalf and would take corrective action.  But that is not true. Wolfgang has is on record as laughing at that ZeeRoe3's "aka Jonathan Reich" and appearing to make light of those deeds.

You can listen to Wolfgang enjoying ZeeRoe3 "aka" Jonathan Reich a few weeks ago, on Wolf's very own program:   30 min mark.

Sickeningly, ZeeRoe3 called it "like Christmas" that people fell for this conspiracy and impersonation hoax.

ZeeRoe3 Impersonates Sandy Hook Facts hoaxing Youtube
In addition to impersonating Jonathan Reich, ZeeRoe3 is also currently operating a fake Sandy Hook Facts channel and therefore appears to be a serial impersonator.

Jonathan Reich Fundraising
Sandy Hook Justice raises quite a bit of money based on the case of Jonathan Reich.

Jonathan Reich's Carvan to Midnight Appearance has
been viewed by tens of thousands of people.

Coinciding with that fundraising, co-host ZeeRoe3 admitted to impersonating Reich online.

For months, public controversy has raged as to whether ZeeRoe3 was impersonating Jonathan Reich or was actually Jonathan Reich pulling a ruse.

 Joel's video and see Tiffany M's videos are examples of this hotly contested controversy within the "Youtube social media community".  ZeeRoe3 did a good job convincing many that he was Reich.

Reich making public appearances on popular web broadcasts actually helped the ruse because it was obvious Reich was was back on Youtube making his rounds.

Sandy Hook Justice Co-Host ZeeRoe3 Admits Impersonation
ZeeRoe3's now scrubbed impersonation admission came as quite a shock to many. While he has attempted to scrub the evidence off the internet, evidence was archived and preserved by many and in many locations including:

The compelling proof that ZeeRoe3 and Jonathan Reich are in fact two different people was exposed in this must watch video by Joel:

Possible Fraud
It is very possible that ZeeRoe3's activities impersonating and victimizing Jonathan Reich during fundraising for Sandy Hook Justice could be fraud on the part of ZeeRoe3, especially if people relied on ZeeRoe's admitted false claims and donated money to Sandy Hook Justice. Moreover, the impersonation, if in furtherance of the goals of Sandy Hook Justice, especially during their fundraising periods,  could expose Sandy Hook Justice to legal jeopardy.  ZeeRoe3 and Sandy Hook Justice are linked at the hip are on record admitting to together extensively.

Wolfgang appears to indicate he was complicit by enjoying a good laugh with his co-host "ZeeRoe3 aka Jonathan Reich".

At a very minimum, ZeeRoe3's acts to impersonate Reich were malicious and damaging to the reputation of Jonathan Reich.

Why would ZeeRoe3 expose Sandy Hook Justice and Jonathan Reich to that harm? That is unknown.

Sandy Hook Facts is presently laboriously reviewing blog posts to insure information errors causes by ZeeRoe3's impersonation are removed.

If you notice such an error that requires removal, please contact wadesvideo at

Jonathan Reich still a fugitive
None of this changes the fact that Jonathan Reich is still wanted by the State of Connecticut, with a $100,000 warrant for his arrest, and has been charged with harassment. For nearly a year, he has not appeared to clear his "FTA" warrant.   While courts consider him innocent until proven guilty, his own public actions have caused the public to wonder, why is he running?

If at such time as Jonathan begins to take care of his pending criminal case, that will be still be covered by this blog.

Sandy Hook Facts remains dedicated to factual reporting of the Sandy Hook Shooting, debunking the conspiracies, and reporting on the public misdeeds and legal actions of Sandy Hook hoaxers.

New York Sandy Hook Hoaxer Threatened Newtown Teacher Jason Adams

New York Sandy Hook Hoaxer Threatened Newtown Teacher Jason Adams
 “We brought all the information to the authorities, but the police never filed a report.”
-Colleague of Jason Adams on the suspected hoaxer

There is a bombshell development in the Sandy Hook Hoaxer terrorism saga, as reported by main stream press.

Details are now emerging about Newtown Middle School teacher Jason Adams. He was arrested for carrying a loaded handgun in the school where he worked.

Adams plead guilty and was sentenced to a diversionary alternative sentencing program. If he complies with his sentence, his case will be ultimately dismissed.

Note: You can read about this type of sentencing with the case of Jonathan Reich.  That is interesting considering developments below.

At sentencing Adams explained that he had been threatened and harassed by Sandy Hook Hoaxers.  The judge appeared empathetic to his plight and justice appears served.

The Washington Post reported:

In one message, the man told them to leave their home, she said. And in another, the man sent a picture of Geri Adams reading to a kindergarten class, along with the words, “Have fun reading to the dead children.”
“We did a background check and discovered the identity of the man,” she told the News-Times. “We brought all the information to the authorities, but the police never filed a report.”

Maxwell, Adams’s attorney, said Adams would keep the gun locked in his car during work. But on the day of his arrest, he was rushing to a staff meeting and he inadvertently brought it with him, he said.

New York Hoaxer Threatening

ABC News reported the hoaxer said to Adams:
"I'd move if I were you, you don't want me anywhere near your town, I'm bad for people's health.
"It was serious, because the gentleman was in close proximity to New York's border," said Gina Caallaro, a former colleague.

The news did not in identify the suspect who threatened Jason Adams and his family, nor have they taken any action to investigate or stop the threats.

Immediately, there was buzz in the alternative media world that the suspect discussed was Jonathan Reich.   At this time, Sandy Hook Facts does not support this link as there is no real evidence linking the two.

ZeeRoe3 Impersonates Jonathan Reich
Any potential link must be viewed carefully because Sandy Hook Justice Co-Host ZeeRoe3 has been busted impersonating Jonathan Reich- see our retraction.

Information Wanted
If you have any information on the harassment suffered by Jason Adams or the suspect, please email:

 wadesvideo at

Final thought
We really have no idea who contacted the residents of Newtown,including their children, harassing and stalking them.  It is past time for the "Youtube" conjecture to stop and the police to get busy uncovering the stalkers identities, making arrests, and start the prosecutions.

When is enough, enough?

Article Updated after retraction

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wolfgang Heading Back to Newtown for FOIA

"[In] light of the horror of the incident investigated, and further emotional harm that the families of victims would suffer from additional publicity that would result from the public disclosure of witness statements, [CSP] did not abuse their discretion [by] declining to release the records"
 -- Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission denying Halbig's request for Officer witness statements.
Attorney Victor Perpetua

The Connecticut FOIA Commission Hearing Officer, Mr. Perpetua, has published his proposed decision in Halbig versus Connecticut State Police  and the ruling is exactly as anticipated.

The Commission meets to discuss the proposed ruling on 9-28-16.  While attendance by the parties is not required, Halbig and his attorney, tL. Kay Wilson typically attend.

Wolfgang prevails on the release of Dash Cams and loses on the release of police witness statements.

The proposed ruling can be read here:

The hearing was covered here:

Wolfgang Halbig is requesting several Dash Cam's, including the Lt. Sinko Dash Cam he already has. Halbig also sought the release of graphic witness statements from Newtown Police Officers.

Wolfgang and Kay's Sinko Dash Cam Whopper
The ruling indicates the Connecticut State Police are in violation of the Freedom of Information Act and therefore must immediately release the Dash Cams to Halbig.

According to the ruling, Halbig will not receive the witness statements of the Newtown Police Officers.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Dan Bidondi apologizes for the stalking of Sandy Hook Families

Dan Bidondi has apologized for the stalking of the families by the Sandy Hook Hoaxers.  He wants to make clear he is not associated with that.

As is known, a Newtown family and their little girl is being stalked by hoaxers relentlessly. Setting the stage, Sandy Hook Justice operatives and employees, Sandy Hook Hoax Group, and ZeeRoe3, via their social media feeds and their websites,  have published articles, videos, and photos attacking the family.   The hoaxers have chosen to stalk this girl because of slight resemblance.  Other Newtown and Newtown associated families have experienced this internet gangstalking as well.

Sandy Hook Facts has covered this stalking extensively.  

Thank you Dan, for stepping up.   I wish more hoaxers would realize they just can't act like beasts and animals.  That's not truth. That is terrorism.

Direct link to video:


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dan Bidondi InfoWars Reporter threatens to track down and kill Newtown resident TWICE; Monte Frank threatened with death by Hoax group

Dan Bidondi InfoWars Reporter threatens to track down and kill Newtown resident TWICE; Monte Frank threatened with death by Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax group.

The death threats are pouring in as the propaganda from Sandy Hook Justice and Tony Mead intensifies.

A few days ago, I was aware Dan Bidondi issued a death threat on NY Magazine. Frankly, I  let it go.  As impulsive as Bidondi is dishonest, I didn't actually take it serious.  Perhaps I have been seeing too many death threats and they just roll off.

Dan Bidondi is the Infowars reporter that received cute rubber ducks on his car while at a Connecticut Court House covering Wolfgang Halbig. Bidondi gave the duck to Wolfgang. Wolfgang pretends the ducks were given to him to "stalk him" causing the Lake County Sheriff's Department to run around like keystone cops chasing the shadows of Halbig's imagination.

The keystone Lake County Sheriff's laughably hecked Halbig's gated community logs for signs of who brought the ducks to Halbig's house!!! Obviously, they found nothing. Why? Because Halbig received the ducks live streamed from an Infowars reporter in Connecticut!  Not in Florida!

Imagine, Sheriff's investigators digging through a month of logs chasing Wolfgang's ghosts!

Halbig and Bidondi then began pretending the ducks were poisonous.   Dan Bidondi began threatening to kill anyone who had put the ducks on his car!

Halbig went on Crisis actor's channel to explain how he put the ducks in his mouth.

Dan Bidondi, still feigning rage months later, went to NY Magazine and posted that he was going to track down the Newtown resident who put ducks on his car and kill or maim them.

Sandy Hook Facts explained to Dan Bidondi that the gig was up, SHF knows he and Halbig are lying about the "poison ducks" because the ducks had been tested by Postal and Sheriff's investigators and found to be clean.

Here is the police report where Halbig pretends the ducks were put on his car in Connecticut, instead of Bidondi's. The ducks were tested by police investigators and found to be clean!

Despite being exposed as an violent Infowars liar with harmless rubber ducks, Dan Bidondi went to the Sandy Hook Facts facebook page reiterated his death threat again!

This is now worthy of being a report of an actual threat to do harm.  Apparently, Bidonidi is obsessing on murdering the whichever Newtown resident is responsible for the innocent duckies.

SHF asked Dan Bidondi to clarify his murder/maim plans; however, Bidondi refuses to respond; apparently desiring to keep his evil, violent plan to himself.

Meanwhile, Tony Mead's hoax group is openly planning to shoot Newtown Town attorney Monte Frank and/or Lenny Pozner. Maybe they are planning to kill them both!

Halbig's lies about the poison duck and about the Newtown child is having the desired, violence inducing effect on his more mindless followers.

Update 9/18/16
As is well known, Tony Mead monitors every word posted to his group.  Anyone who is not in lockstep is banned, deleted, or berated. The threat to kill Monte Frank is still on his page.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hoaxer Bryce Cuellar Pleads Guilty to Terroristic Threats

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Bryce Cuellar, aka "FisherofMen", a violence prone, hate speech spewing, AltRight gun truther whackjob and self proclaimed "militiaman", has plead Guilty to his charge of making terroristic  threats.

Subsequent to his guilty plea, Cuellar published a video claiming he was a victim of a vast conspiracy by Obama.

Hoaxer Cuellar will be sentenced November 1 and faces 1 - 4 years in prison. Thankfully, the felony conviction ensures he will never legally own a firearm again.  Society just got a little safer in disarming this hoaxer.

Cuellar plays army as he is ready to assault society

Court Minutes