Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hoaxer Jonathan Reich arrested on two new Danbury Cases

Jonathan Reich has been arrested on two new cases out of Danbury, CT.  Jonathan Reich is charged with harassing a Sandy Hook parent in June and October of 2016.  These charges can trace directly to activities encouraged by Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead.

On 3/9/17 Reich was arraigned and served with a Protective Order, restraining him from further harassment of the victim. Reich pled not guilty and is being held on $25,000 bond.  His next court date  on the new Danbury case is 4/6/17.

His 2014 misdemeanor case has a pretrial hearing on 3/17/17. His bail on that case remains $100,000.

Jonathan Reich now faces two cases totaling three counts of harassment and one count of Failure to Appear.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Justin Hess shot mother 17 times before killing innocent teacher

Sandy Hook Hoaxer conspiracy theorist Justin Hess aka Justin Wooley, CounterTyrannyOp shot his mother with a pistol 17 times before he drove to Sandy Springs and stabbed to death an innocent school teacher, Willaim Haynes.

Justin Hess was held on the murder charge by Cobb County Magistrate Judge Gerald Moore and the case advanced to Superior Court. A Cobb County Grand Jury will take up the matter for his indictment there.

Justin Hess was jobless and owned thousands of dollars of weapons; weapons he regularly displayed in his videos. Hess' AR-15 rifles were enabled with devices to allow them to fire like automatic weapons, as can be seen in the intro to this Justin Hess video:

It is obvious that he was mentally ill.  Sandy Hook Facts believes that it will come out that, just like Adam Lanza, his mother purchased the weapons for her future murderer.  Carol Hess very likely bought the pistol Justin shot her to death with.

Justin Hess had stalked a woman to a day care center the day before the murders. The tragedy could have been much worse had this hoaxer decided to open fire with his automatic AR-15 at the day care center.

Previous coverage:

Credit: Action 2 News

This is a photo posted by Bill Haynes of his red Audi after the Audi was vandalized a few months before Haynes was murdered.  Justin Hess killed this innocent and loved family man just to get this car.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoax: Irrefutable Proof of Death

SandyHookFacts.com has been a huge critic of Sandy Hook Hoaxers because they have no evidence to support their premise (not to mention many of them stalk women and children on a daily basis).

But what about Sandy Hook Facts? Do I have court admissible evidence of the tragedy at Sandy Hook?

In this video, I show irrefutable proof of death at the school.

Several hoaxers have offered rewards for this proof. SandyHookFacts.com hereby claims  all rewards including:
Side Thorn $100,000
Joe Jones  $25,000

As an intro in this video, SandyHookFacts.com presents the latest fake document pushed by Sandy Hook Hoax Group, Wolfgang Halbig, and Maureen Louise Crowley.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sandy Hook Truther Extradited to CT - Facing three warrants for harassment

Jonathan Reich EXTRADITED and in Court 


Sandy Hook Truther with three warrants for harassment!
**Exclusive Sandy Hook Facts BOMB SHELL**

Hartford, Connecticut:  Law enforcement, on the condition of anonymity, provided the following information to this journalist:

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist arrested in May 2013 for alleged Sandy Hook related harassment
faces court and two new harassment cases!

Connecticut Notifcation of Reich's Arrest

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist Jonathan Reich was in court today for his warrant related to allegations he made harassing calls to the home of Dr. Wayne Carver in Avon, CT.  

Reich has avoided trial after failing diversion. A warrant was issued for his arrest in December, 2015 after failing to appear in court. Encouraged by his hoaxer "friends" to not face the charges, Reich has been a fugitive from justice until  he was arrested in New York.
See a history here:


Jonathan Reich booking photo 2013, Avon Police

You can also listen to the Sandy Hook Justice crew plotting, including plotting Reich's "strategy" here:

Reich desperately attempted to avoid extradition to Connecticut and ended up doing about 100 days in Rikers Island in the attempt. 

Sandy Hook Justice personnel previously stated that Reich would attempt to use extradition to "expose Sandy Hook"; however, it does not appear they did anything other than abandon Reich.   Not surprising since, to date, Sandy Hook hoaxers have been unable to provide even a single piece of evidence of hoax, despite Halbig's claims to "have proof" in his home office.

Reich will not receive custody credits for his voluntary time fighting extradition in Rikers Island.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer accused of harassing the family of a Sandy Hook survivor!

The prosecutor stated  in open court JONATHAN REICH HAS TWO NEW ARREST WARRANTS OUT OF DANBURY for allegedly making "phone calls to the family of a girl who survived the Sandy Hook shooting.

Was the victim  one of the families targeted by Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead operated Sandy Hook Justice?

Jonathan Reich works closely with Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Justice crew. Was he acting on their behalf?  There could be some liability there.

Jonathan Reich appeared today at Hartford SUPERIOR COURT, led into the court, a prisoner in jump suit and shackles.  He was appointed a public defender (since once again, Wolfgang is not helping with the $100,000 he raised using Reich's name).

The court considered Reich a flight risk and declined to change the $100,000 bail.
Information will be posted as I get it and this article may be updated.

News coverage:
Fugitive arrested in NY charged by CT Police

Sandy Hook Denier Back In State To Face Harassment Charge

*Updated 6:27 pm*

Fugitive Jonathan Reich In Custody

Jonathan Reich is in custody.  Online rumor is that he is to be in court in Hartford today at 10:00 am; however, court records have not been updated to reflect that info.

I did confirm that yesterday, 2/23/17, Reich was finally in custody by Avon Police Department. Reich has been fighting extradition by willingly sitting in Rikers Island prison for about 100 days.  Sandy Hook Justice agents/personnel had bragged they would use extradition to "expose Sandy Hook"; however, that obviously failed as nothing was done on Jonathan Reich's case. Sandy Hook Justice raised a large portion of $100,000 using the Reich case and so far appear to be doing nothing to assist him.

Here are two latest videos published on this matter:

Wolfgang Halbig, Jon Reich, Justin Hess, FisherofMen CASE UPDATES 
Here are a few case updates of high profile hoaxer cases
Wolfgang Halbig - Crushing Ruling by the FOI Commission
Lenny Pozner vs Wolfgang Halbig - Case Continued
Jonathan Reich - Report: NEW Charges pending
Justin Wooley Hess - Hearing Next Week
Bryce Cuellar aka FisherofMen Back in Jail FELONY Violation of Probation
Peter Kuznir aka Peekay Truth - Restraining Order

Avon Police confirm fugitive Jonathan Reich captured and in custody!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig DENIED Connecticut FOIA without a hearing AGAIN

"[Halbig] has filed many requests with agencies in the Town of Newtown ... related to the tragedy which occurred there on December 14, 2012 which the complainant has publicly stated didn't happen.  [His] frequent derisive insulting emails to the town and this commission are tantamount to harassment."  - Connecticut FOI Commission

Halbig was once again seeking the identities and documents of little school children from their school. The Commission will not even hear his ridiculous and disgusting arguments.

Wolfgang Halbig displays Sandy Hook Facts documents as
 an example of successful FOIA juxtaposed to his rank failure.

Hoaxer legal failure continues.

Wolfgang Halbig has once again been denied Connecticut Freedom of Information (FOI) hearing by the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission based in part on their decision that Halbig's repeated insulting and derisive emails are tantamount to harassment and that he is a repeat offender.

This is the third and fourth Halbig cases the Commission decided without granting Halbig a hearing. The first two were in November, 2016:
"Wolfgang Halbig denied identity of minor children"

The final determination will come today, 2-22-17, at the meeting of the full commission.

The Executive Director of the Commission decided not schedule a hearing on  Halbig's repeat requests for documents related to the 2013 Super Bowl trip by the Sandy Hook Choir.

Hoaxers, in general, absurdly believe the children who sang at the Super Bowl are the same children who died (aged 6 plus years) during the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.  Halbig seeks a number of documents, such as "children permission slips" that would not be obtainable even if they did exist. Obviously, children's school records are not subject to Freedom of Information.  Newtown has repeatedly told Halbig they do not have the documents.

Imagine if internet weirdos could simply FOI your child's school records.

The vote, expected today, is that the Commission will not hear Halbig's hoaxer nonsense in regards to this issue.

One example of Wolfgang Halbig's hoaxer nonsense on this is issue is his claim that the NFL "placed a gag order" on the children.  Halbig tells this lie to encourage people to donate to him; however the statement is 100% false.  Halbig has no evidence of this "Gag Order" and in fact, when Sandy Hook Facts offered $5,000 to Halbig to produce a "Gag Order", Halbig failed.  Recently, Halbig has been saying that the children must be dead or kidnapped.

Here are parts of the ruling:

His rude, insulting, derisive emails are tantamount to harassment - Connecticut FOI:

Wolfgang has a history of abuse of the Commission:

Full ruling- Note the commission decided the same in FIC 2016-0208 and FIC 2016-559 with Notice of Decisions that essentially read the same:

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Restraining Order issued to Hoaxer Terrorist Peter Kusznir aka Peekay

Restraining Order issued to Hoaxer Terrorist Peter Kusznir aka Peekay over his attack on Melbourne Bourke Street victim Natalie Hakin.

If you know Sandy Hook Hoaxers, you are familiar with Peter Kusznir aka "Peekay".
Peekay operates three channels on Youtube (Peekay Truth, Peekay Boston, Peekay22) and has about 20,000 subscribers.

Peter Kusznir is a a well known radical, stalking, racist, Sandy Hook hoaxer conspiracy theorist terrorist from Melbourne, Australia.

Peter is an "auto hoaxer". That is, he watches news reports and from his monetized Youtube channel he declares nearly every high profile killing a hoax and a Jewish plot to take guns.  With each racist attack video, Peter shills for donations for himself.

Australia has looked the other way as Kusznir stalked and harassed victims of the Boston Bombing,  Sandy Hook, and the Nice truck attack (to name but a few); apparently they decided to take notice when he turned his attention to stalking his fellow Australian citizens.

Australian Press is reporting that Peekay was caught stalking Melbourne Bourke Street victim Natalie Hakin.  Hakin was injured in the attack and her daughter was killed.

As a result of the stalking, the Police issued a restraining order against Kusznir along with a court date.

Hoaxers love stalking wounded people
Nothing fuels a hoaxer quite like stalking the parent of a deceased child.  If that parent is actually wounded and female; that would surely make that person all the more attractive prey for the hoaxer.

Peter made several phone call to hospitals attempting to get the victims location so he could "visit her".  What violence Peter Kusznir planned for the woman if he got near her is not really known; suffice it to say she was in very real danger had Kusznir been given access from hospital staff.

Side note on Peekay's close friend Robin Wiegal:  According to sources, Robin Wiegel will soon be in legal hot water for his stalking of Pulse victim, Angel Colon. Robin engaged in very much the same type of activity as Peekay; stalking the victim while they are in the hospital.

"If you like Truthers who make phone calls to certain places to talk about the lies we are told then
 you will love this channel." Peter Kusznir about Robin Weigel

Victoria Police finally figured out they are dealing with a deranged stalker and issued a Protection Order restraining Peter Kusznir from the woman. A restraining order is merely a piece of paper; so lets hope the Police do more to protect her from this mad man.

Some Austrialing news reports:



What makes Peter Kusznir a Terrorist?
I've mentioned Peekay a few times; however, he does not really put out content that catches the eye of the debunker as he is not really a factual based person in what he presents. Peekay essentially scours video news reports with running commentary he believes "proves hoax". Basically, he just talks his way through someone elses video.

Peter's subscriber base is one of the darker elements of Conspiracy Theorists because of Peter's Boston Bombing video.  Peter's "bread and butter" Boston Bombing video is basically to take a photo of a mangled victim, lying in their own blood, and mock them for 15-20 minutes with idiotic commentary.

As an aside,  I did debunk Peekay (and point out he is a victim predator) in this article:

Let me digress and address Melbourne's Bourke Street incident.  Peter has published videos demanding police release video of a victim being run over as "proof".  Bodies and blood are not proof to Peter Kusznir; they fuel dark-hearted attacks.    If the police did release such a video to Peter, he would take that video and mock that victim mercilessly; of that you can be sure.  Just look at some of his videos

While these facts demonstrates Peter's evil and cruelty,  it is not what makes him a terrorist.  Peter takes it a step farther and attacks victims and their family in personal ways.

One of Peekay's primary terrorist tactics is to locate the social media of a crime victim and attack and stalk them relentlessly using threatening, filthy language designed to intimidate, instill fear, anger, and hurt the victim.    Furthermore, he commands a small legion of trolls, and uses those trolls to aid him in his terrorist attack.  He calls these attacks upon victims "Truth Bomb".  Peekay's "truth bomb" usually consists of calling finding a woman, calling her a "C Word", threatening them, yelling at them, abusing them, and generally attacking them and their family. "Truth" to a hoaxer.

Peekay Stalks Rebekah Dimartino - Boston Bombing victim

While Peekay stalks and attacks many victims; I've decided to present a prior instance of Peekay stalking a wounded female.  The instance stuck with me because it was on of those pivotal points in my thinking when I realized that hoaxers were not merely people with weird, wild-eyed opinions; many are predatory, violent, animals who do real harm; these hoaxers really need to be stopped.

Peter Kusznir has proven himself to be just such a predator, many times.  Peter especially enjoys attacking and stalking women; a wounded woman is a very attractive target to the Australian native.

Peekay and his troll legion attacked and savaged Boston Bombing marathon victim Rebekah Dimartino.

Dimartino survived the bombing; however, her leg was severely wounded.  Nearly two years and several surgeries later,  it was decided her leg was to be amputated. She posted a series of Youtube videos in the lead up to the surgery, including a videos where she was saying "Good Bye" to her leg.

Peekay found her videos and his target.  He and his army of trolls attacked and stalked the woman relentlessly. It was beyond disgusting.   I watched this first hand was was posting to her page attempting to help Dimartino fend off Peekay and his trolls and making sure she knew exactly who she was dealing with.

She made a video attempting to reason with the conspiracy theorists; however, that only fueled the fire.  She made several posts. She made videos showing her leg attempting to prove to the hoaxers it was all real; however, evidence a hoaxer is wrong only fuels the hoaxer to more stalking and more lies.  Rebekah learned this first hand.

No criminal charges yet.

Let's hope Australia does the right thing and arrests Peekay and charges him.  He is well overdue for jail time.

If Australia continues to look the other way, it is only a matter of time before he or one of his trolls finally get the location of one of their victims and does them very real harm.